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tonight on "nightline" -- casey's next move. casey anthony walks out of prison and is taken to a secret location after her acquittal on murder charges. and speculation surges about a possible payday for one of the most notorious women in america. "cowboys and aliens." daniel craig and harrison ford two blockbuster action heroes, team up to make an out of this world western. tonight, why they say it's a crazy dream come true. and pagan police. he's a police officer by day, a pagan druit by night. is this really religion?
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good evening, i'm terry moran. she's not only out of jail, casey anthony is on the move tonight. the suv she ducked d to when she left the orange county jail this weekend took her to an small airport, sources say. it's unclear where she flew or even if she did fly. while casey anthony may have been acquitted two weeks ago of murder, how she'll fair in the court of public opinion is an entirely different matter. here's abc's jim avila for our series "crime and punishment." >> reporter: under cover of darkness, the country's most notorious not guilty murder suspect vanished from sight. leaving yet another perplexing question in her wake. what on earth is she going to do with her life now? >> i'm sure she'll -- it seems
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like she's in some real danger right now and, again, i don't see police departments anywhere in the country running to help her. >> reporter: this pr expert, who's helped manage crises for sean p. diddy combs and pamela anderson says casey anthony is not your run of the mill pr hot potato. >> tracy morgan making anti-gay statement, well, that's one thing. britney spears on her drug binge, that's one thing. even charlie sheen is one thing. when you're talking about the murder of your own child, let's put your in a different hemisphere. >> reporter: unlike other controversial defendants like o.j. simpson and michael jackson, casey has no pre-existing support base. >> in order for there to be any sort of a comeback, there has to be somebody who's your cheering section. whether it's a social racial group. whether it's a certain ethnic group. >> i'm disgusted. >> reporter: like many who were
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revolted by the verdict, this woman is more disgusted by the thought that casey who left jail with $500 to her name, could cash in on her notoriety with a book deal or pay-per-view special. >> i don't want her to be a millionairepy don't want her to make millions of dollars for killing her head. what does that tell everybody else? >> reporter: casey anthony's been offered $1 million from a tv production company to tell her story. and she wouldn't be the first. there's a long history of notorious defendants cashing in. mike tyson, the former undisputed heavyweight champion, was convicted of rape and sentenced to six years in prison. following his release in 1995, tyson earned an estimated $25 million from his first comeback fight. amy fifier, aka the long island loli lolita, shot mary jo, the wife of her lover joey. fisher pleaded guilty to first degree aggravate assault and was paro paroled. following her release, she wrote a book. worked in the adult film
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industry. and appeared as a cast member on "celebrity rehab with dr. drew." and of course o.j., he was reportedly paid $1 million for "if i did it, a" a hypothetical account for how he could have figured out the murders. but believe it or not, anthony is not without her supporters. >> i believe that people should respect the due process and the judicial system. instead of doing all of this and threatening people and the jury. it's just uncalled for. >> reporter: some, a few, say leave her alone. respect the not guilty verdict. a handful sent her money in jail. that's how she got the walking around money upon release. one of her donors even offered a place to stay. >> the jury has spoken. if she is guilty of anything, she'll have to live with that for the rest of her life. i believe, you know, the jury's verdict should be respected. >> reporter: some mourners at this makeshift memorial to little caylee are open to
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forgiveness with one condition. you think she can be forgiven? >> yes. >> reporter: but not as long as she stone walls? >> no. >> reporter: she has to tell people that she had something to do with it? >> right. you think of all the open cases that we've experienced as americans, it never goes away. >> reporter: do you think there's anything that she can do to get your forgiveness? >> tell the truth. >> reporter: he says that would be nice but it's highly unlikely. he thinks we're more likely to see casey have a change of face than a change of heart. >> my guess is she'll change her name, she'll change her appearance and we won't hear from her again a few years from today. i think with a good plastic surgeon she perhaps could be unrecognizable if she's able to live underneath the radar. >> reporter: for "nightline," jim avila, abc news, orlando. >> our thanks to jim avila for that. just ahead, two of hollywood's leading men saddle up to take on invaders from space. daniel craig and harrison ford describe the fun and the pride
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this one's clean. the first time round. in the battle against stains resolve gives you a reason to celebrate. trust resolve. forget stains. there's nothing lake a great western. and there's nothing like a sci-fi spectacular. why not combine them? imagine teaming james bond with hans solo. there's nothing in the universe those guys couldn't take on. well, that's sort of the idea behind "cowboys and aliens." ththnew film which is just ridiculously fun opens july 29th. tonight, its megastars harrison ford and daniel craig tell me why wearing boots and spurs was a dream come true for them.
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you've got your cowboys. and you've got your aliens. it's the wildest movie ride of hollywood summer fare. an improbable match-up of two beloved but different genres. it's got a strikingly starry cast. two generations of leading men. daniel craig of james bond fame. and harrison ford showing a mean side to his all-american movie persona. as well as the lovely oliviawwl wilde. maybe when you see the title you're thinking, huh? well, so is harrison ford. did you say, that movie's for me? >> no, i said i wanted to do the cowboy part. i've always wanted -- i've wanted to do a western for 25 years. they just stopped making them. it was clear that they'd found a new way to make 'em. from the title. but when i read it, i just -- i
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frankly didn't get it. i didn't get it. and i read this and -- i couldn't figure it out. so i read 30 pages. i said, nah, it's not for me. >> reporter: but he was talked into doing it, in part, by daniel craig. >> this was like going, i'm an englishman playing a cowboy. i need all the help i can get. i thought, i would figure harrison ford would be the man to help me out. >> reporter: craig plays jake, an outlaw who wakes up in a daze to discover a strange-looking g bracelet on his arm. harrison ford's a tyrant of a local rancher who basically runs the town of absolution. they square off and then the aliens come. but the one e ing you should know about this movie, it's not a joke. it's not a goof. they play it straight. straight as a rifle shot. >> we really tried to maintain all the paradigms of a western to whatever extent t tt we could but still give it that summer popcorn feel with a little bit of action, a little bit of fun. >> reporter: jon favreau is the
11:47 pm
director. on a roll after doing the successful "iron man" movies with robert downey jr. this one is close to his heart. you always wanted to make a western? >> yeah,, wrote a western right after "swingers." i've been trying to work in this milieu for a long time. >> reporter: what is it about westerners you love? >> it's a classic american forerule. it's opera. big characters and big stories. there's a hero, somebody who needs redemption. those stories are told time and time again. >> there's a sort of simple thethic that the western man lived. it really was self-reliance, you know. ititas simple rules. finish what you start. you know? do the best job you can. they're all -- they were work ethic rules really. and so it's nice to do a film that has that as, you know, as
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part of the armiture of it, the simplicity, straightfordness and something really sort of black and white. >> take 'em to missouri, mit. >> reporter: for decade, hollywood made western movies like "red river" to rake in a dependable box office profit and to take a long hard look at american values, american dreams, the american landscape. >> keep moving, keep moving. >> reporter: movies like "the searchers" appeal to a wide audience. but that audience is gone. gone but not forgotten. but "cowboys and aliens"? >> as an englishman, what did the western mean to you growing up? >> i can honestly say, you know, that's sort of what we played as kids. i mean, as every kid did. >> reporter: really? >> yeah, the chance to actually get on a horse every day and just put the hat on, put the gun on, the spurs -- i mean, that
11:49 pm
was a -- was a dream. >> reporter: and for olivia wilde who plays a mysterious and lethal woman in this movie, it was a girlhood dream. you've always loved westerns? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's really unusual in some ways for a young person. >> i think so, although my dad loved westerns and he really got me interested in them. i wasn't associating myself with the female characters. i really was imagining myself as steve mcqueen or as clint eastwood or john wayne. so with this movie with ella, i really wanted to make a character that young women watching the film c cld say, i want to be her and fight like her and be tough and smart like her. >> reporter: it's been decades since harrison ford made a western. you played cowboys proper, but hans solo and indiana jones. >> there's a little cowboy in everybody. >> reporter: there's a little cowboy in everybody. >> yeah, yeah, there is. there's a little american in it. a little of being an american is
11:50 pm
the cowboy in us as a culture. >> i don't want any trouble. >> reporter: it's a way of telling a story, terse, flinty, direct. it. "cowboys and aliens" has got and so much of what happens is unspoken. >> i'm just deadly keen to cut as many lines of mine as possible. >> story of my life. >> i mean, the less i have to say, the better, as far as i'm concerned. >> well, but that's something that a lot of people don't -- you know, especially writers, they're getting paid by the pound. >> yeah, that's true. >> and so they just type as fast as they can. but you can say, you know, guys, please, i mean, you may, you know, we get it, we got the point. you can't just talk about what you're doing. you have to bring a little bit more complexity. gives you the opportunity to develop relationships. >> yeah. >> reporter: without the words? >> yeah, without the words. >> you don't need 'em. >> reporter: but how right can this western really be when there's aliens in it?
11:51 pm
you can sense the passion for getting this right, for making this new kind of western work. and at the end of the day, what would you want people to get from this movie, aside from a couple hours of great good fun? >> emotional exercise. i want them to feel the thrill of it. i want them to feel some emotion about the relationships between the characters. i want them to feel some emotion about their triumph or the circumstances. i want them to feel fear. i want them to laugh. i want them to cry. i want them to roll on their belly like a reptile. i just want them to feel used. engaged. >> reporter: "cowboys and aliens" opens july 29. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on ore than just car insurance.
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for many people, the word pagan brings to mind goat blood. but some say it's no more than being christian but with wilders could costumes. the british government seems to agree. >> reporter: sergeant simon word is a mild-mannered police officer.
11:57 pm
he's been on the force 22 years. [ drums beating ] he's a military veteran. [ drums beating ] he's calm. rationale. respected. >> we call upon you to bless us with your intuition. >> reporter: he's also a pagan druid. >> bid you hail and welcome. >> and let me hear noise! [ people shouting and drums beating ] >> reporter: this is a pagan new moon ritual. paganism has just been given the status of religion in britain. it's growing. some say there's a quarter of a million follower. so many that british police issued guidelines for officers should they stumpble upon something like this. >> some ceremonies inclaude a blindfolded naked partitipant whose hands may be bound. this is in accordance with ritual and has the full consent of the participant. does that happen? >> that relates to one
11:58 pm
particular ritual which you could find in some groups. it's an initiation rite is what it is. they're going through a death into a rebirth. >> reporter: simon was reborn 11 years ago. his wife used to be involved too. but they've got a kid now and sometimes it's hard to find a sitter. this is a large, large part of your life. >> yes. >> i ask that i may receive the blessing of the element of water. >> reporter: okay so what is paganism? well, it's prechristian. basically, it's the worship of the land, animals, spirits and ancient gods. >> more and more people are getting involved in it. >> reporter: why? >> i think because it gives them something back which modern day society doesn't give you. >> the symbol of all things male -- >> we're getting more and more far removed from nature. >> reporter: i found all this a strange mixture of the prosaic.
11:59 pm
fabulous costumes. >> it gets to the mind-set. >> reporter: contrived oldie worldy language. >> -- with earthly desire. >> reporter: and harmless worship of nature. if any blindfolded naked people are consent, as the police tell us, why not? i'm nick watt for "nightline." the return of the pagans. thanks to nick watt. finally tonight, some news. just incredible images out of arizona where a massive dust storm north of phoenix has knocked out power for 1,000 customers and reduced visibility, just zero. that dust wall is about 3,000 feet high and created wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour according to the national weather service. we'll keep an eye on that. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america." they'll keep an eye on it. they've got the latest twist in the scandals surrounding the news corporation and c eo

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